What does HODL Mean?

If you are like many consumers now-a-days, then you have likely made a jump into the crypt currency market in some form or fashion. If you have, then you likely have run across other investors using the term, HODL on REDDIT, Periscope, and other popular discussion boards. If you are new to these forums, then you are probably wondering what does HODL mean? Is it some new slang that you missed out on by not paying attention to the latest music trends? Or did it come from somewhere else? Who actually wrote the “I AM HODLING” post that resulted in coining the popular crypto currency term in use just about every day today?


Where did the Term HODL Originate?

Despite some rumors to the contrary, the term HODL did not originate on a popular television sitcom or from the lyrics of a popular song. It was first coined on a BitCoinTalk post about bitcoin on December 18th, 2013 by a person with the username, “GameKyuubi.” During his post, he was talking with a group of people about how only “weak” people gave up their bitcoins when times were tough, and he was going to hold his position. Instead, he misspelled the world holding in this now famous sentence (and post title), “I AM HODLING” which has gone on to be shortened to the word or meme, HODL and is commonly used to recommend to other traders to hold or stick to their current position with either bitcoin or the alternative crypto coin being discussed. During the post, GameKyuubi let everyone know that he knew about the spelling error and had been drinking “whisky”. It took off as a meme, and is used every day today by crypto traders.

Original HODL Forum Post

You find the link to the original “I AM HODLING” post here.