What do FUD and FOMO Mean when Trading Cryptocurrency?

If you are new to crypto currency trading, then you have likely started checking out relevant discussions on Trading View and Reddit. At first, you will see a number of terms like FUD, FOMO, and HODL that you are just wondering what the slang means so that you can better understand the discussions ongoing. You do not need to worry about embarrassing yourself in the various forums; however, as we’ve put together a list of some of the common lingo and slang that can help you out with understanding the latest news, trends, and more when it comes to reading and understanding about bitcoin and all of the various crypto currencies that consumers are choosing to invest in. Enjoy!

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Common Crypto Currency Slang

FOMO stands for the fear of missing out. This commonly occurs with people new to crypto investing who see a large green candle on a chart, so they dump other coins without much thought to buy in to the coin that is on the rise for fear of missing the bit profits. This type of behavior is typically driven by emotions vice strong analysis, and is not a proven way to make profits.
FUD stands for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Normally you will see on a message board that someone is accusing another of spreading “FUD” against bitcoin in general or another altcoin.
ATH means “All Time High.” This term is commonly used to describe a coin when it is heading up to a new high for per-coin price or value.
The term whale refers to someone who has a large amount of money or capital invested into the market to the point that they can move the market for smaller alternative coins on their own.
We published an entire post on HODL…but in case you missed it, the term means “hold” or keep the position that you have on the crypto coin of choice.
Pump and Dump
This refers to the cycle for many altcoins go through where they see a spike in their value from traders pushing large volumes who then subsequently dump the coin for a profit at a higher price.
Bag Holder
When you see someone referred to as a bag holder on a message forum, that typically means that someone has bought in to a coin at a high price and missed his or her chance to sell leaving them stuck with the coins.
When you hear about someone “shilling” their coin or being a “shill” that means that he or she is simply trying to hawk their favorite coin as an endorsement to try to encourage public interest in the coin.
ICO stands for initial coin offering which can draw parallels with IPOs for those who are familiar with the stock market. When coins are sold at a release during an ICO, they are normally sold at a profit when they finally hit the market.
If you are familiar with the early days of Google Adsense and Google Adwords, then you will be familiar with the arbitrage game. In crypto currency, this is where you buy coins on one exchange and sell on a different one offering a price difference that gives you a profit. With how volatile the crypto currency world is, this continues to be a fairly commonly occurrence.
When you are following the advice of one of the more experienced traders on Trading View or another website, you will see the term long used to refer to the value of a coin in the future.
If you take a short position on a coin, you are saying that it will fall very soon.
Fill or Kill
This is a special limit order for coin(s) that will not complete unless there is another order that exceeds the amount being bought.
The term buy / sell wall is a depth chart of exchanges that includes all of the limit orders of the same price for both buying and selling coins.
Weak Hands
When you see someone referred to as being a “weak hands” or having “weak hands” that means that they are not patient and will normally sell at a loss when the market on the coin is down.
An “altcoin” is the short name or term for an alternative coin, or something other than bitcoin.
BTFD stands for “buy the f’ing dip” and you can insert the curse word on your own. When people are selling based on fear of a crash, etc, this is the time to buy up your favorite coin on sale.
You’ll commonly hear to investors of a coin waiting for it to go to the “moon.” This refers to the bullish prospects of the coin moving to or beyond an all time high.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy!