How Do You Install and Stake the HTMLCOIN Wallet?

HTMLCOIN is one of the fastest growing coins in the crypto space. A common question that arise for both newbies to crypto currencies and experienced traders is ho do you install and stake the HTMLCOIN wallet? If you’ve been having trouble sorting out how to do these tasks, we’ll walk you through the steps below so that you can start enjoying the full benefit of one of the top alt coins to watch for 2018. If you are looking for steps on how to get started buying HTMLCOIN, we have a separate post for you to check out to help you through those steps as well. Enjoy!

Steps to Install the HTMLCOIN Wallet

*Note: These instructions are valid as of 23 January 2018. As the HTMLCOIN project team releases mobile wallets and significant updates, we will make revisions to help guide you. If you notice a change before hand, please shoot us a note via the @contact page, and we’ll take a look as soon as possible.
Step 1 : Launch your computer’s web browser and navigate to the official HTMLCOIN website wallet page here.
Step 2 : Click the link next to the appropriate operating system for your target computer. At the time of this writing, the available options include Windows, Mac OSX, GITHUB Source, Blockchain, and Android is coming soon.
Step 3 : Click the desired OS (for purposes of this example, we’ll use the Windows build). Then, choose save menu option that is displayed to save the installer application to your computer. If you would like a say of where this file goes, click the arrow on the right to change the target destination by toggling the menu option to “Save As” and then choose the desired directory using the file chooser.

Step 4 : Follow the default menu prompts to install the wallet on your computer. When complete, the final menu will have the option to launch the wallet on finishing checked. Leave this option checked, and the wallet will launch when you are done.
Step 5 : You can now select the “Receive” menu option in the wallet to obtain the address to copy to your computer’s clipboard by clicking the “copy” icon on the right after the address is displayed to use to transfer coins to your wallet from the desired exchange like Bleutrade via their “withdrawal” option. For most users, a withdrawal will take 1-2 seconds for the HTMLCOINS to show up in your wallet after you initiate the transfer.

So What Exactly is Wallet Staking?

The primary methods of securing a crypto currency network that also incentivize people to participate from awarding news funds are “Proof of Stake” and “Proof of Work.” Under Proof of Work (or Pow), the idea is that all of the coin holders who are staking their coins are having a mathematical competition. The first computer to solve the problem gets the coins. Under Proof of State (or PoS), it is a competition between people who have coins and based on your share you get odds on winning new coins. Under PoS, you have to have coins in your wallet to win. The more people who compete, the more secure the block is for the network. The original intention of PoS was to encourage people to keep their wallets connected to the network and helps reduce the odds of a replay or a 51% attack.

How to Stake Your HTMLCOIN Wallet?

First, you need to have coins in your wallet. Then, you will want to click the “Settings” and “Unlock Wallet” menu options from the “file” menu of your wallet. There will be a check mark next to a sub-option that says for “Staking Only” and you will want to leave this checked. Please note, that it takes approximately eight hours from transferring coins to your wallet before they add to your network weight. It is also recommended that you encrypt your wallet and store a backup of it off of your computer on a memory stick or CD somewhere.

How Do You Tell if Your Wallet is Staking?

With your wallet open, place your cursor over the lightning bolt icon that is on the lower right of the display for a second (it is located next to the “HD” icon) of the wallet. The staking message will then tell you the amount of time until you earn a reward. If you do not have any coins that have been in your wallet long enough to become “mature” you will see a message reflecting such. If you are not staking at all, your wallet could also be locked which is not uncommon if you have closed the wallet and restarted it.


What is the Expected Time to Get a Staking Reward?

The time to get the expected staking reward in the HTML wallet is calculated based on the following formula: (network_weight / your_weight) * block_time_in_minutes / 60 minutes / 24 hours.
A common question that HTMLCOIN wallet holders always ask, is why is this time seem to be always wrong? This is due to the fact that it is a statistical expected time. Your computer could stake a reward much earlier or later than the time that is displayed.

How Many HTML Coins Can I earn from Staking?

The HTMLCOIN network is setup to generate a POS reward of approximately 1%. This is a constant 1250 coins per block and only one person gets the reward. There is one PoS block per every two minute interval generated at the network level. If you happen to shut your computer down (or it gets disconnected from the Internet), you will stop staking your coins during this timeframe.
If you have more info to add, please shoot us a message and we’ll be glad to update the content. IF you enjoyed the tutorial, we’re always open to tips via our HTMLCOIN wallet here: HbbeRub5b8mWHiAq6UxHBS6qF45ErX1fhn 🙂

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